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Bisbee MassacreMain St Tour - $10

On this Main Street walk, you will see incredible articteture surpassing other buildings in the United States and hear about Bisbee's rich history. You will stand where one of the most dramatic historical events unfolded, "The Bisbee Massacre." You will also visit The Bisbee Restoration Musuem where the Bisbee lifestyle of over 100 years is on display. You will also hear how our town has survived major fires and floods, the closure of the mining industry and how it has developed into a diverse and inviting community.


Day AfterHistorical Tour - $12

 Stroll through the streets of the commercial district  of Historical Bisbee, Arizona, a living preservation of the American Old West. You will see how the "You can do it"  spirit built this old copper mining town from plush wildlife to an "Urban Outpost" of the Southwest.  You will hear about a favorable piece of property that legendendary American Western actor, John Wayne had ownership in; learn about prominent business men during the turn-of-the-20th-century and how they draped an amazing amount of luxiourious influence of the town; the way-of-life the Bisbee miner had underground and during his life as we explore the places they lived, worked and played. 



Scary HouseHaunted History Tour - 6 and 8 pm Fri., Sat. and Sun. - $25

Temporarily suspended due to health issues.

Based on Bisbee native, Francine Power’s book “Mi Reina: Don’t be Afraid”, this tour takes you through her childhood experiences with the paranormal while growing up in Bisbee. Giving in the evening, you will visit sites along OK Street, Brewery Gulch, Howell Street, and Tombstone Canyon, all while riding in the comfort of a golf cart.





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